Ideas and Methods for Teaching Teens

The human values of Truth, Peace, Right Conduct, Non-Violence and Love are the end goal. These values are theoretical and very difficult to teach to children and teenagers. They are abstract. We teach human values whenever applicable in school subjects and stories. The same is true by using their real life experiences, issues and concerns to emphasize the five human values.

Swami says, “The primary responsibility of parents is to mold the character of their children.” The same is true for teachers. The objective is character development. This is best accomplished when we help the student explore life situations, in a friendly environment, through communication. We can choose topics that pertain to their lifestyle that will increase their interest.

When teachers impart knowledge in school with subjects such as math, science etc, you need the lecture method. When you teach parenting, spirituality, and character development, we need to emphasize life experiences and experiential learning methods. The role of the teacher is to create for the student or parent an environment that allows them to understand themselves. They need a friendly atmosphere to explore the current issues in their everyday life that are problematic. Once this awareness is present, the solutions are discussed.

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