Dharma for Women

Dharma for women means the transformation of the role of feminine energy on this planet. We need to re-evaluate, re-examine, re-structure, re-store, and resurrect the role of ladies that has sometimes been dishonored to less than human in society.

Women are the highest gift given to mankind because we are the vessel in which God’s creation continues. In addition, we have the guardianship of preparing the life of our children by molding their character. There is no higher position given to mankind by God than the honor of being a female, the first teacher, setting the stage of right conduct and love of God that is formulated in the early years of child development.

God cannot teach each child on the planet, unless it is through the feminine energy in the role of motherhood. We are the instruments and what kind of a tune are these instruments playing, a worldly or a spiritual tune.

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