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Vision of Sai  –  Book I

An artist takes his brush and strokes until he has produced a painting, a picture on canvas. I, too, am trying to paint, a picture on the canvas of your mind through the medium of words. This picture is of Sai Baba – of unchanging everlasting Love and Light.

But how do you capture Sathya Sai Baba through the framework of language and explain Him with words? It seems impossible! And yet, if you open your mind and heart holding back the barriers of pre-conceived beliefs His Light of Truth will come from His Heart directly to your heart… Heart to heart. I am simply a story teller, not a writer, the words of Wisdom in this book are those of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Within these pages I tell you a story about my experiences with Sai Baba and how His example and words of profound wisdom have helped me to buffer the forces of negativity prevalent in our world by teaching me what REAL LOVE means.

“Who is this person in the orange robe with the halo of soft black hair?” Only you can search for this answer. He tells us that no-one even hears of His name unless it is His Will. 

So do not take another’s word as your truth; seek and discover for yourself. Don’t relinquish this golden opportunity and enter your grave, empty and lonely. Go to Him and fill your heart, till it overflows, with DIVINE LOVE. 

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“If you take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Remember that with every step, you are nearing God. There is no halting place in this pilgrimage; it is one continuous journey, through day and night, through death and birth, through tomb and womb. When the road ends and the goals is gained, the pilgrim finds that he has travelled only from himself to himself, that the way was long and lonesome, but the God that led him unto himself was all the while in him, around him, and beside him! He himself was always Divine.”    

Sathya Sai Baba


Vision of Sai  –  Book II

I am celebrating my 18th year of knowing Sai Baba and I can say without any hesitation or reservation, God is on earth in human form, living in India. His name is SATHYA SAI BABA. Throughout these years I have experienced and witnessed many miracles, just like in the stories of Jesus, two thousand years ago.

I know, it is utterly incredible. But isn’t there a small corner in your mind and heart that wants this to be true? Our planet, our society, and our people are tainted with a disease called selfishness. Overall there is a lack of caring and sharing. There is a lack of concern for mother nature and her people, our brothers and sisters around the world. Who else but God is qualified to correct the severe problems that exist in the world today?

The greatest attribute that Sai Baba possesses is His ability to transform those that follow His guidance and teachings. He has transformed and changed me into a more peaceful, kinder, caring person. His brilliant light took away the darkness of ignorance, depression, fear of illness and the like. And after 18 years, I know how much He has corrected in me, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. He can fix and heal anything this world offers! He has softened my heart, healed my emotional wounds, and expanded my ability to give and receive Love. All this transformation came from His Divine Love.

The Vision of Sai books are currently out of print, but can often be found in the used market.
They have also been translated into Polish and Japanese.