Births are Many; Mothers are Few

To be or not to be a mother is the perplexing question that resounds and reverberates in the minds of women around the world today. The consciousness is the same in all countries.

Upon the altar of material gain Motherhood has become the sacrificial lamb.

When I travel around this world working with the Sai Family, I ask the mothers, “Why are you working?” The answer remains the same. We need a double income to support our family. But most families have only one child, maybe two. In recent years the number of children in each family has decreased while double income increased.

But what lifestyle is required to raise a child? Is it more important for the child to have a television in his room, cell phones, computer games, play-stations, and name brand clothing. Or is it possible for us to rethink our family values and place greater emphasis on the mother staying in the home to give the type of love that only a mother can give.

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